It’s ok to ask for love and attention from others. That’s what I tell my self when ever see couple passing through me. I start to lose hope that I will find “THE ONE”. My personality and the way I think is different from my community so it’s hard to find someone who understand me… Continue reading

-Mom, can I stay her a little bit longer? =No, you have a life to live. -But what is the point of living a life without you in it? =There will be no point, but when you have friends and start to get used to your new life you will forget me. I Forgot my… Continue reading

Am saying goodbye to a lot of things in one night, my mom, my uncle, my brother. what I will miss the most instead of my mom is what I feel right now. I am going to live in a world am alone in it. There won’t be someone who ask me whether I was… Continue reading

I Will Go!

My mother is a pressure I don’t need in my life. she never supported me in anything I want to do. She only supports what she wants. When am with her she’s the hero in the story who sacrofaice everything for the sake of good, and I am just unneccery charechter who play the rool of being nothing… Continue reading I Will Go!