My mind is full with things that make me think allot. Exams, a crush, my country president. But I will write about one that I thought I must have an opinion on it. I’ve been thinking allot in the past one hour about my nationality and my country, I thought that I never had an… Continue reading


I find myself in a position that make me wonder maybe am wrong. Let me clearly that am not a social person and to be honest I am afraid of making mew friends it’s something am struggling with in the past years of my entire life. Every “boy” I met which they’re a few btw… Continue reading Mmmmmmmm!

Many people around me when I ask them where do you want to work after finishing college? The only answer that most of them answered and interest me in the same time and made me think about my ambitions allot lately is that they want to work aborod in a forgin country not an Arabic… Continue reading

It’s ok to ask for love and attention from others. That’s what I tell my self when ever see couple passing through me. I start to lose hope that I will find “THE ONE”. My personality and the way I think is different from my community so it’s hard to find someone who understand me… Continue reading